Saturday, February 28, 2009


Wow. wow. I enthusiastically read the article that I included in my previous blog post on working mothers. I also got SLAMMED by stay-at-home mothers when I made a comment on the actual blog. SLAMMED. Many woman yelling that they were insulted by the article (and the article did NOT insult stay-at-home mothers; it merely presented research gathered that stated kids in childcare fared just as well as kids who stay home). People saying left and right that the child can't possibly gain more by being in childcare than by being at home w/their mothers. Every comment but mine was either in direct argument to what I said or a new thread about how the article was crap and stay-at-home mothers are the far better choice.

This is a very touchy subject w/me, as a lot of my friends are stay-at-home mothers. But I never wanted to be one, sorry. My dream from a little girl was not a family. It was a corner office. Claire came into the picture and she most certainly became more important than corner office, but I felt no need to give up my career. I worked for 16 straight years to achieve the level of education needed to enter the workforce and perform a job that I'm both good at and love. I'm a good writer. I love my company. In my mind, I did not put forth that many years of dedicated study to just stop and stay at home. Claire, who will be an only child, is in a place that her father and I bust our butts to afford because if she is going to be in someone else's care for 40 plus hours, it had to be the best. And it is.

A lot of moms say, but doesn't it make you sad that you don't experience her milestones first? Nope. Just so she's reaching her milestones...that's what I care about. Daycare saw her stand on her own first. But when I saw it, it was like the first time, and I will never, ever forget that moment. I saw her walk first. Do I care that it's not me teaching her songs or letters? Nope. Just so she's learning them. And when she brings me book after book (after book after bloody book...yeesh), I know something is going right. Remember when Hillary said it takes a village? Well, I've got the village, and we're doing a good job.

Being a working mom these days doesn't seem to be the most popular choice. I feel like the queen of unpopular choices. "What, you aren't breastfeeding?????" What, you aren't co-sleeping???????" "What, you're putting her into daycare???????"

It gets old. My mother has worked since I've been 6 years old (not by choice..she truly wanted to be a stay-at-home mom). I was NOT neglected, I NEVER lacked for time or emotional support, and I was and am very proud of my mom. There is no one I'd rather spend time with or talk to. So I beg to differ w/these women.

There's my rant. For anyone who hasn't met Claire, she's the happy girl who loves to climb, loves to read, loves her mom, and is thriving because of..not in spite choices.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Working Mom

I needed this article today. I really did. Thank you, Today show.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Couldn't have said it better

Rose introduced me to the Whiskey in My Sippy Cup blog, and I love it. Her post today is SO on point. I'm having a bit of trouble adjusting to Claire's newly found obstinate behavior, but this makes me feel a little better and had me nodding my head a lot. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Update

So Claire, her daddy, and I went to Port Discovery yesterday. Naturally, that is the kind of place you take your camera and snap action shots of your kid in all the fun activities. Um, unless you're Kara, who didn't even think to bring her camera. Duh.

All in all a good experience. Anyone who knows me at all knows I don't do well in crowds, so this was a bit challenging for me. Of course weekends at any attraction like that are going to be crazy. So for other things I want to do like the zoo, museums, etc., I will use my vacation days and take her during the week.

Claire really enjoyed it, though I think it will be even more enjoyable as she gets a little older and is able to do more physically. Brant and I discussed and agreed to get a family membership (cheaper than my MyGym class!) so she can enjoy it more often.

We went to Houlihan's after that for lunch. As a sidebar, and I mention it often, the Kelty pack SO WORTH IT. It is so much more convenient than a stroller, and Claire is so chill in that thing...she is up high and can see what is going on, all the while being able to hold on to her Daddy.

At Houlihan's some pretty funky music was on in the background. Claire, out of nowhere, starts jamming it down to the beat. Oh, I wish I could have videotaped that...hilarious! She loves to dance!!! She was jamming in the shopping cart later on at Trader Joe's. One of a kind!

In Mommy's world, Mommy is tired, tired, tired. Week upon week of getting up, getting Claire and myself ready for daycare and work, respectively, and then putting in a full 8-hour day at the office, home to take care of Claire, and then another two to four hours of copyediting is taking its toll. I need rebooted!!! This project is due tomorrow, and in my opinion, I was not given a realistic deadline to do the second half of this project: 11 chapters in a week. I had a week to do 7 and then a week to do 11. I guess that's fine if you're a full-time copyediter, but I'm not, and that was hard. I shouldn't say "was hard" yet, because I actually have about 3 more chapters to do. Brant took Claire for the day, so it's a perfect opportunity for me to complete the project. However, I am currently operating with the tank on "E" and I've decided to go to the Charles to watch the Oscar-nominated shorts this afternoon. I did the same thing last weekend...went to see Slumdog Millionaire instead of doing my copyediting. I fall behind and feel guilty, but I thoroughly enjoyed spending time w/my friend, Kristi (and the inevitable crepe devouring afterwards at Sofi's) and loved the film. But then the guilt hits again.

Ugh, it's a neverending battle. I wouldn't trade being a working mom for the world, but it ain't no picnic, that's for sure. But I do look forward to the near future when after I get Claire to bed, I can plop down with a good book and relish a few moments for myself.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Takin' the Day Off

OK, I'm not really taking the day off. It's President's Day, and that was good enough for Wall Street to take a break, which in turn means my company is closed.

So what have we done thus far today?

Gotten up and had milk.

Pulled out 8 wipes from box.

Ran away from Mommy in mid-diaper change (as usual), ran behind the glide rocker, peed on the floor, ran back over to Mommy and grabbed a wipe, then ran behind the glide rocker and wiped up own pee. Seriously.

Watched 42 seconds total of Sesame Street while walking around holding a sauce pot. The sauce pot is in the cabinet. The cabinet w/the safety locks. The safety lock someone somehow managed to bust through.

Pushed shopping cart around and proceeded to turn beet red and scream every time said cart got "stuck" on a piece of furniture.

Successfully put on one shoe w/o assistance (I was so proud of this).

In three hours, had THREE monster epic poop diapers. Please, PLEASE, grandparents, do not feed my child meatloaf anymore.

Demanded the Cookie Monster counting book be read at least 98 times in a row so Mommy could do the Cookie Monster voice and pretend to gobble baby up.

Carried coasters from end table to the couch. And then back to the end table. And then back to the couch. And then back to the end table. And then back to the couch. And then...yeah, like that.

At 11:20 am, busy baby down for scheduled chill session, i.e., nap.

Afternoon? I'm thinking lunch, to the dollar store to buy big bouncy ball. Bundle baby up and take to park to kick around the big bouncy ball. To Starbucks to take break while feeding baby Gerber puffs until I get chai latte gulped down. To store to try to find interesting socks for baby. Home. Dinner. Play. Books. Bed.

I think this is a marvelous way to spend President's Day, if you ask me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Thoughts on Two Whiny Brats

My "You're a Tool" Award goes to two worthy co-losers...

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps is a phenomenal swimmer. What he did in the last two Olympics is unfathomable. I admire him for the discipline and dedication he showed to his sport and for his remarkable athleticism.

OK, now that I have that out of the way...

He's a tool. Come on. DUI in 2004 when he was 19. 18 months probation. What lesson did he learn? Don't drink and drive, rather stay at the party and take bong hits. So he wants to be the average young person. Well, he's not the average young person. Don't make yourself a world-wide celebrity if you want to go around doing stupid crap. And let me add this...if he wasn't the famous Michael Phelps, Olympic swimmer, he'd be the nonfamous Michael Phelps, relatively unattractive dork doing bong hits at a party.

Christian Bale

Patrick Bateman. Batman. Or in the role I know him best as...Big Arrogant Tool. Is he nice looking? Sure. Can he act? Eh. Is he a jerk? Hellz yeah. Arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister in 2008. Denied it. Just busted on the set of the next Terminator movie (ooooo, such a profound piece of work that must be) for ripping a new fill in the blank of the poor Director of Photography for walking too close while a scene was going on. I just listened to his 3 minute and 30 second rant, rife with F bombs. Um, yeah, you're a real gentleman, Chris. First of all, you just PLAYED Jesus in a are NOT God. Second, get a grip. Third, you're a tool.

I'm sure most are aware of my vehement disdain for those with a false sense of entitlement, flagrant inconsideration, and utter stupidity. The subjects of my blog today fall into all three categories.