Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Visit to Port Discovery!

Claire's daddy thought Port Discovery was the mostest fun. So this past Saturday, we packed her up and headed down for another day of discovering!

Please forgive me for this mess---I have friends who take beautiful pictures. I do not take beautiful pictures.

Claire and Daddy one level up in the "Urban Treehouse."

Claire was fascinated by the Wonders of Water exhibit. Mommy and Daddy did not observe that rain coats were available. Dang.

Coming down the rope tunnel in the Urban Treehouse (a little blurry, sorry)

Having a blast in the ball pit.

Walking with Daddy through the hallway of flashing buttons!

After our adventures at Port Discovery, it was off to Houlihan's for lunch. Claire was very intense with her crayons.

Claire and her Daddy, both doing some people watching (see where she gets that curly hair!)

After lunch we headed home for naptime. After a nice two-hour nap (Mommy actually joined in this activity!), it was off to Northwest Regional Park for some good old-fashioned digging in the mud! Claire loves the mud!

Before heading home, we made a pitstop at the Stride Rite at the mall for her second pair of shoes. She wore the first pair into the ground, and we bought her a fresh pair for spring...

We had great weather that day (thankfully, because I saw SNOWFLAKES from the office window today..ugh). I am getting more excited for the warmer weather to finally arrive to stay, because it's a lot of fun taking Claire outside...she loves to run around. I have found that taking her to one of the empty baseball fields at the park is a great idea, because she can run and play and it's fenced in and grassy, so when she runs ahead of me, I'm not as panicked.

Stay tuned...an upcoming adventure includes the train ride at Wheaton Regional Park and a walk through Great Falls Park! Springtime, please get here soon!!

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iskim9 said...

Wow. It must be a perfect weekend for all of you guys! I love the picture of Claire playing with crayons. :-)

Never liked Spring in my life, but I am waiting for it now. So many things are changing after having a baby!