Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mom Poll!!!!

OK, Moms, I need your help.

I'm 89% sure I'm venturing to PA for the holidays. There is still some discussion over weather issues with Claire's dad (he thinks it's too dangerous; I think if I plan my trip when the forecast is good, it should be no problem).

Anyhoo, this would entail a 3-hour trip to Johnstown. Claire and I last made this trip in June. We all know how much a toddler changes in only one month let alone six. Plus, I believe she slept most of the way.

I would love to plan this around her naptime so she would sleep most of the way, but I also have to be realistic and plan for the alternative.

This is where you all come in.

I don't have a portable DVD player, so I must rely on good old-fashioned entertainment for Claire. Any suggestions? Books probably...and I think I found her mini Magna Doodle when I was cleaning out the car a few weeks ago...but anything else? I really wish I had one of those collapsible car seat trays so she could maybe color or have something to lay a book on. Crap.

Please send your suggestions!!!!


LoveLladro said...

If you have a lap table color wonder markers are pretty awesome. They only color on the special paper, not every other surface known to man ;~) Also, play doh. yeah yeah... I know it's messy but it crusts up and then you can scrape it off with your fingernail. plenty of snacks... like the special ones... not just the same ole cheerios. And a snack trap if you have it. What else... maybe buy an Elmo CD and play that over and over ad nauseam. Pointing out trucks and colors works for Chase... I can usually distract him with a rousing game of what color is that truck or can you see the grain elevator. Oh and stickers... a piece of cardboard and some of those small teacher stickers... she can peel and stick to her hearts content. Of course if she's anything like Chase, she might have trouble with the peeling part.

Ok, that's all I have right now. I'll ping you if I have any more brilliant flashes (don't hold your breath ;~)

Anonymous said...

Jessi already has lots of good ideas. Just do something 'special' that she would be occupied for a good amount of time. I know all toddlers are different so you know the best about Claire. I do everything from opening windows all the way down--I know this sounds too cruel, but Minhae loves it so I do sometimes. After 30 sec of doing that she becomes content again. I am just trying to say, anything that you would make her feel comfortable. Books, dolls, snacks, activity board with colors and stickers will do. But sometimes, stopping by at a rest area, let her walk around, eat some at McDonalds--this is once again very special thing for Minhae. So she gets happy after she gets a toy from a happy meal. Most of all, doing some stretching will be good. Three hours of straight driving could be too much for a little girl.

Bottom line is I know you will plan everything perfectly. I just want you to guys have a safe and fun trip and have a great time with you family!

Laura said...

We just did a 3 hour drive to VA and wow it is alot of work! Victoria did ok for the first hour and then we found as long as we continued to provide snacks and drink, she lasted pretty ok. We did have to stop once to let her stretch her legs. What works for us.....lots of snacks, books, doodle pro, music. This is exactly why we asked the inlaws to buy a dvd player for V for xmas so when we fly she'll sit still! When are you leaving?