Sunday, July 4, 2010


I remember it well
The first time that I saw
Your head around the door
'Cause mine stopped working
"I Remember"...Damien Rice

when you and I are sitting on a blanket on the ground
we are listening to patriotic songs played on violins and cellos
our daughter sits between us
i feel like we are a family
the kind where you don't drop her off at the end of the weekend

i watched you speak to the families sitting in front of us
the smile spread across your face
the one that sucks all the breath from my lungs
i want to be on the other end of that smile

i am not what you want
and when i turn away from my fantasies, i know
i know, i know
we are not what i want

but even still after all that has passed
i know i shall always love you

the orchestra stops.
and then, the fireworks. it's the fireworks i always remember.

1 comment:

namoo said...

Your writing is beautiful. Hope your migraine goes away... and I want to give you a hug... it is lonely, your writing, holiday, family, all that... ah... I was listening to Damien Rice at 2am yesterday, all by myself on my computer... Again it is almost 2 o'clock in the morning. Can't sleep...