Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Painting a Rainbow on Black Friday

Simply put, Black Friday makes me sick. I don't understand glorifying a day that showcases the worst qualities in human beings: greed, greed, greed, more greed, every man for himself, aggression, inconsideration, and have I mentioned greed?

One year before work when I still lived in Pennsylvania, I needed laundry detergent. Absolutely clueless, I stopped at Walmart on Black Friday that morning. I waited a half hour in line to buy Tide. I don't care if I have not a crumb to eat and no toilet paper, I will never, ever go out again on Black Friday. This year I'm working, and I'm fine with that.

I love giving gifts. I love that much more than receiving really. I also like getting a good deal, as I, like most, am on a tight budget. The evolution of online shopping has been a godsend. I like the luxury of sitting at home in the evenings, carefully picking things and having a ton of variety right at my fingertips. Better yet, many of the Black Friday deals have translated into web deals as well. So that works fairly well for me.

More importantly, Black Friday and all that goes with it just cheapens the spirit of what the holiday is about. I'm not speaking religiously here either. No matter what your particular belief (even if it means no belief), Christmas to me represents a time when human beings worldwide come together to be charitable, kind, and giving. Black Friday is like an ugly, open sore on that concept.

So this year, I'm going to paint a rainbow over the "Black." I'm going to commit to a season of love and giving. I'm going to celebrate the spirit of the season and teach my child what Christmas should really be about.

Happy Holidays, one and all.


namoo said...

Gotta love you, girl friend! How sweet of you. Yes it is a season of love and giving, not shopping. I often have to remind myself. What a shame!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy Rainbow Friday!

Monica said...

I couldn't agree more! I've never shopped on Black Friday, and I don't care how much money I have not saved. Love the rainbow idea! :)

Jessi said...

In total agreement about black friday... it makes me sick and I never participate in it. hope you are enjoying your holidays!