Friday, December 10, 2010


"Christian" church going to protest Elizabeth Edwards' funeral with their messages of "God hates fags" and claim she's going to hell. (And how can anyone wonder why I detest religion?)

Army of people think it's their right to spout national secrets for the public to see, acting under the guise of vigilantes exposing the "truth" of what the "public deserves to know."

Congress of our elected spouting back and forth and not a one caring for what would really help their constituents.

North Korea ready to start the next world war.

Iranian woman facing stoning.

More murders in Baltimore.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell upheld.

Companies hiring spies to make sure you're home when you call out sick.

Three boys missing whose dad claims he dropped them off w/"Friend" so they wouldn't see him kill himself. Dad still living, boys gone, nowhere to be found.

If anyone wants to know why I sit alone and hang my head most days, this is why. What kind of world did I bring my daughter into? And for all of those news stories, if you read them online and read all the comments from others, it only reinforces the hate-filled, corrupt world we live in.

I'll continue to love my child and do my best, but it's really a losing battle, folks.


Anonymous said...

saddening and maddening... right? don't really know how to respond to these things..

Andrea said...

wow, it seems you and i think about many of the same things and yet i still feel hopeful each day. Just came across your blog and am enjoying your writing, my fellow Marylander.