Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Day

Claire, her daddy, and I do a lot of family days, even if it's just for part of a day. We're big on the park...Northwest Regional most often.

Claire's daddy likes for he and I to walk into daycare together so we can watch Claire's expression when she sees both of us. We also like to peek in on her and watch her before she sees us. Today she was dramatically putting a lei around her neck. Yes, my heart bursts frequently at these little moments.

I changed Claire into shorts while we were at daycare and we all headed to the park. As usual, I need Jess to accompany me because my camera was nowhere in sight...blah. But we had fun w/Claire's new push car.

Of course she's not satisfied w/just a simple ride. Daddy has to "pop wheelies" and push her around at a high rate of speed. She is such a daredevil! (Clairedevil)

I also made a cheap but great purchase...BUBBLE GUN!!!!

I, um, Mommy might like this just as much (um, more) than Claire. We sent bubbles all over the immediate vicinity and Claire popped them as she rode in her car.

Over to the playground...yeah, use your imagination. She loves it, and her daddy and I get a great of us posted up in the apparatus and one on the ground on constant Claire duty.

Off to Starbucks for refreshments and then to Giant to shop for dinner food. Her daddy spotted the donut peaches among the produce.

He hands it to Claire and says, look claire, a donut peach! Before I can get "Don't let her hold that!!!" out of my mouth, my munchkin has already taken a healthy bite out of the unwashed, unbought peach. Sigh. Needless to say we bought it and took it home. That child ate it down to the pit. She's a fruit addict. I wish I could get her to eat veggies like that.

So then the little dirtball was deposited into the bathtub and then off to her room for story time. Daddy read her some books while Claire performed her usual method w/the "Touch and Feel" books. She must touch all the surfaces w/her foot. Yes, she has some obsession w/her foot.

Then sleep baby went to bed.

These are the days that I love more than anything. This is what I want more than anything. I just have to trust that God has the plan on how things are to be. I do love and cherish my "family," no matter how unconventional we may be.


In-Sung said...

There can't be an any better day than this. It is just perfect...perfect.

LoveLladro said...

I love that push car! If only I could see a picture of my Clairedevil in it! I wish I could go with you to the park... you wouldn't know what to do with all the pictures of that sweet thing!

I truly believe that God does have a plan for you and I am sure he is very proud of you, your daughter and your family.