Saturday, May 23, 2009


Clairedevil. That's the newly adopted word for daredevil. She's going to kill me. She's also going to end up in the emergency room before she's 2.

My childhood friend, Jodi, and I took our girls to Centennial Park today for a play date. After buttering Claire up in sunscreen and plopping her in her stroller, we headed toward one of the awesome playgrounds on the south side of the park. It was a great space...lots of slides, a rock climbing wall, stepping stones, the works. I watched as my daughter's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I knew I was in for it.

She immediately wants to climb up the steps and walk across a path made of horizontal rails. Of course there was about a foot of space between each one, but girlfriend didn't care. I held on to her and she hopped across. God bless Jodi...she ran after her through the equipment while I stood watch on the ground ready to catch her if (ha, when) she fell.

Jodi and Ava (who will turn 2 on my birthday :-), June 7) were sitting nicely on a blanket under a tree blowing bubbles. I tried repeatedly to lure Claire back to the blanket with promises of saltines (her new obsession). She simply grabbed the cracker and headed back to the field of dreams.

Then there was the last straw. She climbed up the steps and walked over to a slide she'd been down before. I quickly ran to the bottom of that slide and ordered her, as always, to SIT ON THE BUM! Then she pulled a fast one on me...she ran PAST that side and over to the OTHER slide. I didn't take pics today (I'm so not good at that...I need Jessica along so she can be my personal photographer). But I did an image search and found a comparable slide. This is pretty much the slide my 23 pound, 32 inch, 18-month-old slid down on completely by herself as I watched in horror.

As she ran back over to me, I grabbed her and immediately strapped her into her stroller and told Jodi we had to get the heck away from the playground NOW. We headed over to the pavilion so the girls could play in shade. My daughter, of course, immediately starts jumping off of all the ledges of the pavilion. Jodi looks at me and laughs. Sigh.

After we got back home, we were about an hour late for our nap, and Claire outright refused to go down for me. Grrrrrr. By 7:30, she was a fuss pot. I took her out on our balcony so she could play w/her toys as I sat and enjoyed the weather. I have to leave the screen door open enough so she can wander in and out as she pleases (otherwise, she has a hissy fit...I can see you shaking your head, mom, I know). Well, Miss Ma'am goes into the apartment and re-emerges five minutes later wearing a sweater, a bib, and my clean underwear slung over her neck. And that, my friends, is The Claire.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


LoveLladro said...

LOL... Clairedevil... classic name! She definitely has a mind of her own... that's for sure. Wonder where on EARTH she got that from. Apples falling from trees what?

I wish I could be your personal photographer... then I could see more of Claire! More pictures please!

In-Sung said...

I read this story quite pleasing. Sorry Kara, but she is such a character! :-)