Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pasta a la Claire

It was spaghetti night here at Willow Bend Drive...

Can you tell? ;-)

As a side note, I managed to puree and sneak over a full cup of carrots into the sauce w/o it affecting the flavor too much. Girlfriend isn't enthusiastic about veggies (have NO idea where she got that from [kara shifts uncomfortably and whistles]), so I gotta get 'em in there wherever I can!


LoveLladro said...

I am so wishing I was a part of spaghetti night... looks like it was good and fun!

I have a rough time with veggies too... and I don't even puree like you do. Want to come cook for my kid?

Anonymous said...

what a fun dinner time. I wish I could be a toddler sometimes.

It has been tricky to include veggies in Minhae's meal. One day she would a whole bowl of broccoli and next day, she acts like they are disgusting. What do I know?