Sunday, February 14, 2010

1-2-3-4 Pressure!

(Note: For the younger readership, the blog title hails from a classic Billy Joel song. If you are too young to know who Billy Joel is, I officially don't like you.)

I put too much pressure on myself. Simple statement, not so simple reality. And often, the pressure I put on myself is for the DUMBEST reasons ever. And there lies the theme of this blog.

I search for perfection. That is HARD. (I'm too stubborn to say impossible.) As noted in my last blog, I am moving when this lease is up...HALLELUJAH!!! I am going today to the new apartment complex to complete paperwork and hopefully make it official.

So for this new place of mine, I wanted to treat myself and get a few new things. A lot of my stuff is pretty old, much at the very least ten years old, some even more. So I've decided on a new couch for the living room, new shower curtains (the new place will have two bathrooms), a new quilt for me, and a new play room for Claire (the den will be used for this).

I have found the couch....yay! I have decided to use the old couch in the living room for Claire's play room and to purchase a slip cover to freshen it up. I have found the slip cover. I have found toss pillows for the couch. I have decided on a color theme. I have envisioned the layout and the "accessories." Do you know how many Web sites were viewed to get this vision completed? Do you remember that I looked at over 1,000 dresses before I chose Claire's Christmas dress? I mean really people, I am out of control.

When I search for something...let's use the shower curtain for an example...I don't just look and say hmm, this looks cute, OK, done. Nooooooooooooooo. I must find one that literally makes me suck my breath in. It has to be "THE ONE." Seriously. I have found a shower curtain for Claire's bathroom but not for mine. I've looked at hundreds. I can't believe I just admitted that. First of all, I have personally banned myself from anything paisley, because I am full blown addicted to paisley. I LOVE paisley and always have. I am drawn to it, and I find that most things I pick involve it somehow. So I said, no, I'm going outside of the box, no paisley.

The new quilt? Ha. There are quilts that make me swoon at Anthropologie, but I can even find something not quite right about those. I'm finding a lot of "yeah, this is nice," but no, "OMG, I MUST have this!" The problem is, I've had those moments in life before. My bedroom suite (still love it). My Eddie Bauer quilt (RIP, bad doggies ruined it!). My daughter's christening gown. Green reptile peep toe wedges. Claire's spring jacket this past year. I see it, the need to have that exact thing will grip me until I get it, and I know in my heart that what I found is the most perfect thing out there and meant for me.

Are you tired yet? Yeah, I'm so high maintenance that I get on my own dang nerves.

Oh well. I guess I should get back to my Web search for the perfect shower curtain. I mean, how will life go on without it?


In-Sung said...

I can't imagine how excited! It's almost(?) impossible not to get excited to decorate a new place! Have fun! And make sure you make a wish list and publish it! Damn I want to know and celebrate with you!!

LoveLladro said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful that you shop like that... what better way to spend your heard earned money then on something you simply could not live without. Too many people (*ahem me ahem*) just plunk down money and then 2 weeks later are wondering why they have this crap and where did all my money go. So keep on with your high maintenance self... at least you will be surrounded by stuff that you are happy with ;~)