Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another snippet

Please don't get me started on the fact that I STILL have no internet at my new place. Long story, and I don't feel like getting into it.

BUT the good news...I just was offered a nice big proofreading project (of the most boring kind, but they lead to $$, which is what I need to focus on). Sooooooo, in addition to saving some, this bounty will also result in my purchase of the flat screen for the living room! Still no sofa, and probably none until next year, but there are chairs in the living room and there will be a TV, so I think that's reason enough for a housewarming party! By housewarming, I don't mean the kind where people bring me gifts. I mean the kind where I get food and wine and people come over and we sit and watch the Golden Girls or some Lifetime movie in our sweats and chill-ax!

K, must get back to work, but a party is on the horizon!!


In-Sung said...

yay!! I will bring my own bottle of wine, please invite me. lol

Laura said...

I hope I'm invited too! I haven't seen you in forever and I'm dying to see your new place :) congrats on the new place, new tv potential and proofreading work on the side. I miss you!

LoveLladro said...

Now that is a party! Glad to see you are settling in nicely (albeit with no interwebs).