Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorite New Toddler Food Finds

Nature's Promise Nitrate-Free All Natural Hotdogs (no antibiotics or growth hormone used)

This is an incredibly quick meal to make for Claire. I served this with another valuable convenience baby carrots and ranch dip all in one neat little pack..and some key lime applesauce.

I had a hot dog as well, and I must say, it was extremely tasty! I know Claire liked it, because she actually ate the whole thing. Because of my work schedule, I'm always striving for quick, easy, and as healthy as possible. I know hot dogs are never going to win the nutritious food award, but I try to serve at least one protein and vegetable with each meal. The vegetables are often overlooked (although last night she annihilated the broccoli...but left the salmon untouched..grrr).

Nature's Promise is my favorite line, because it's at Giant, which is super convenient, and they have a large selection. It's always good when I can find something that suits my needs and tastes good, too.

I have been far more conscientious about bread these days, too. That is something where you really need to read the ingredients. I used to rely on the "100% whole wheat" description, but I saw a really good piece on a local Baltimore Sunday news program where a nutritionist came on and discussed how that can be deceiving. So I settled on Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread...7 grams of fiber per piece and no high fructose corn syrup. Claire is a HUGE fan of toast, so I wanted to feel good about the bread I was giving her.

I hope to keep finding new healthy things to add to our menu...and that pass the Claire test!

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In-Sung said...

You are right on it!! It is hard to read all labels sometimes, it is hard to do health meals when you are busy, but you seem like you got it all covered. Thanks for sharing. I also found some local shops for healthy food, next time when you come to Columbia, we should go together!