Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas

If ever there was $9 a month that was well spent, it is for my Netflix service. I have been doing not so great at actually receiving and returning the physical DVDs (like that's a big surprise), BUT their library of instant viewing movies and TV shows is amazing!

Adding to my homage to Netflix, they have three full seasons of Dora the Explorer and two seasons of Go, Diego, Go available for instant viewing. LIFE SAVER!!!! Claire says, "Mommy, I watch Dora on your 'puter."

So after dinner, she wanted to snuggle in for some quality Dora time. I had other ideas. I searched the library for some good holiday films. They're a bit lacking on what's available instantly as far as holiday-themed films (although you can get almost anything you want as a DVD order). What I did find, however, was a little gem, The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas. This is from way back in 1973, the year of my birth (i.e., a bazillion years ago). Casey Kasem narrates, and Tommy Smothers is the little bear. Oh, what a delightful little film!!! Claire was mesmerized, and it was a sweet and funny little tribute to Christmas.

Anyone with a Netflix subscription should take the short 25 minutes it takes to watch's an endearing little tale that spans the decades :-)


Jessi said...

Once we get the new apple tv, I am going to check this out with Chase! thanks for the suggestion! I love netflix as well!!!

countlessstarts said...

I want to see that movie with Minhae.

I sometimes think I should never introduced watching shows on my computer or iPod to her. It is her computer now. Sigh...

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