Monday, November 3, 2008


This is a total mish-mash of the million thoughts buzzing around my noggin.

The leaves are in full-out color frenzy now, and it's insanely beautiful. Do you remember Bob Ross, the painter on PBS that always was painting "happy little trees"? If not, Google him. I loved him. The trees look like he painted them. Bob Ross trees.

My child ate so well this weekend...I am giving myself a hearty pat on the back for that feat. Organic baby oatmeal mixed w/Gerber fruit and a handful of Cheerios for breakfast both mornings. Saturday supper (she slept through lunch) was Claire's first fish...tilapia! She had that w/steamed broccoli. She LOVED the fish. I was happy about that because Mommy hates it. Then she had fresh blueberries for dessert. Sunday lunch was sauteed organic squash and zuccini...loved it. She had her beloved applesauce as well. Then on Sunday for supper she had Annie's organic mac 'n cheese to which I added a half cup of pureed cauliflower and some organic shredded sharp cheddar (I ate the leftovers, and I will just say yummy!!). For dessert, organic kiwi...loved it! She also has transitioned totally to whole milk, of which I shell out the $$ for organic. I don't necessarily think everything has to be organic, but I feel strongly about milk and meat/poultry. But I'll admit, even that I can't do all the time, because tonight she's having non-organic chicken breast. I just do my best and am not sweating that kind of stuff.

The rest of her weekend was happy as well. Her dad and I took her to Loch Raven Reservoir on Saturday afternoon, an unseasonably balmy day. Daddy got this...

...and Claire LOVED it. She smiled the whole time and was so chill in that thing! We walked through the beautiful woods and showed her the geese and seagulls in the reservoir. She squealed when she saw a little dachshund running around near the water (that's my girl!!).

Sunday her Daddy and I went to Starbucks and Claire sat, good as gold, in her booster seat while Mommy inhaled her (surprise) pumpkin scone. She was happy with her Gerber banana puffs and was even happier getting to stare at everyone in the place (she's a bit nosy). We also carted her around to do errands, and baby girl loooooooves being in that shopping cart.

Before bed last night, I cleared out the living room entirely, and let her run loose with her walker...

...and I swear she spent 1/2 hour to an hour just walking back and forth having a great time.

I can't wait to get her pictures back. She had her Christmas pictures at JcPenney on Saturday and did great! I'm so happy that my baby is such a sweet little girl.

My daughter is JOYFUL. Her joy is infectious. I love being around her just because she makes me feel silly. I have really, really loved absorbing some of Nie Nie (see Nie Nie's blog, and please pray for her recovery), because she is the most beautiful person and this incredible mother, and I like to have my Nie Nie moments where I just let Claire be Claire and let her "make a joyful noise unto the Lord!!" When she screams, I don't "shush" her. I scream right back. We dance and act silly and I love it.

Her dad and I were laughing like crazy last night. He was playing songs on his iTunes and we were listening. Suddenly "Combat Baby" by Metric comes on and she is dancing around the room. My child was grooving to Metric. That is AWESOME!! lol

Hmmm...other randomness? Watched a Norwegian film shot in French New Wave style. The title was Reprise...was good but of course a little above my head. Bought some others to watch that I'll probably "review" in an upcoming blog.

We're LESS than two weeks from Rose's wedding...I can't wait!!! The dress I bought is to arrive tomorrow, the shoes are waiting for me to pick up at my apartment complex's leasing office, and the purse is hopefully on its way. I'm really looking forward to this for so many reasons.

I think this is enough randomness for now. But as always...more to come!

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