Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sippy Cup Saga Continues

Well, it's day two. Apparently yesterday Claire refused the sippy cup at daycare. She took probably two swigs and wanted nothing more to do with it. Crap.

I decided to give her the sippy cup with milk at dinnertime instead of right before bed. She did drink a good bit of it then, but of course she doesn't drink it in the same way she drinks a bottle. With the bottle, she'd chug that milk down in one fell swoop. Now she drinks more like a regular person...little bit at a time. I just want to make sure she gets enough.

There was about half left when she went to bed. I gave it to her then and she drank it until there were two ounces left. So yesterday I'd say she had about 12 ounces of milk. My goal is 16 ounces a day. I've learned the trick is to keep offering it throughout the meal and then afterwards. I wrote this on my daycare sheet today, but I don't know if they're going to be able to comply because of course they have a whole bunch of kids to look after and it would be impossible to just sit there, like I do, and keep coaxing her to drink. We'll see.

This morning she took about 5 1/2 ounces. If she'd just take 5 ounces at daycare and then another five when she gets home, I would be happy with that.

On a mealtime note, the mashed potatoes with pureed spinach was NOT a hit!! lol She ate some, made the most hideous face, and then grabbed the lump of potatoes out of her mouth and threw it. All righty then!!! I'm not giving up on the spinach though...I think I'll just puree it into a scambled egg. I can pretty much blend anything in there and she'll eat it. I switched over to broccoli and she did eat some of that. It's all hit or miss!

I got my dress in the mail that I ordered for Rose's wedding. I LOVE the color. However, there is not one piece of clothing that looks good on me and it never will until I lose all of the 80 pounds I need to lose. I don't even know then though, because my body changed so drastically with the's very weird. My upper stomach muscles still act as though I'm pregnant. They're rounded. I hate it. I've always been so bottom heavy, but I could still wear some cute T-shirts and look OK because my waist wasn't terrible. So frustrating. Anyway, the dress (love the pink!)...

the shoes (for the fab backyard garden wedding!)...

and the purse...

Can't wait for this amazing day!!


Amy said...

I am top heavy now to thanks to pregnancy.
I got a dress with a belt just below my bust and it looks AMAZING

Because right below your bust is the smallest part of your waist so you want to focus on that.
And then the dress puffs out hiding my gut.

50 style dresses are the way to go.

Just keep up on the sippy cup. They will give in.

My aunt let her kid drink a bottle until he was 3. Now he needs a root canal.
I keep that as my motivation

Laura said...

So cute! I love the shoes and bag. I'm so jealous of your fashion sense. I just bought a dress of ebay but I dont know if I'll end up wearing it or not. I still need shoes.

You are doing great with the sippy cups, so far ahead of Victoria!

LoveLladro said...

Your gonna look beautiful! I am going to have to go shopping to keep up ;~)

I agree with Laura... keep up with the sippy cup... she'll get it! Just as a "From my world" view... Chase does the sipping and not the swigging too... I think that just happens. And he is way below the 12-16 ozs because of all the real people food he eats. I supplement liquid with water, or juice cut with water. Just a couple ideas from over at this newbie's house!