Sunday, June 13, 2010


Once upon a time, about five years ago, I was blessed with meeting a bunch of fantastic, gorgeous, eclectic, wonderful gals. A job brought them my way, and now five years later, not a one of us is still at the company. But we are still together.

We are varied in ages...with me being the oldest (grrrrrr). But as fate will have it, we all had babies at just about the same time. So now we're moms together. And for me, someone who hadn't ever planned on children, being able to share this with my gals has been a Godsend.

Pre-babies, our meetups were usually dinners together after work. Post-babies, it has been events that we must plan for waaaaay in advance. Getting schedules coordinated is tough in Momville!

So last night, we had our much-anticipated Sex and the City 2 girls night! I believe I sent Evite Save-the-Dates out for this LAST YEAR...hahaha! Yep, I'd be the planner of the group. It's a sickness, I know.

It is a rare gift for us all to be together, so I was ecstatic when yesterday finally arrived. Two years ago, we all did cocktail dresses in honor of the first Sex and the City. This time around, we opted for more casual. But in true Kara style, I can never go out on the town without a pair of fantastic but HORRENDOUSLY PAINFUL heels...

But foot pain aside, this was a wonderful night. All my girls know me. They don't flinch at the things that pop out of my mouth. They make me feel beautiful at a time when that has proven tough. I love remembering the incidents that made us laugh, brought us together, joined us as friends. And I also love the mom stories. Oh, who would have thought we'd all be sitting around talking about tantrums and preschools and potty training. What a tremendous gift to share that with these ladies!

I'm a single mom down here in Baltimore...but I know that one phone call away there is someone to listen, to help, to share play dates with, to support my chai latte addiction. I believe wholeheartedly that these angels were very purposely sent to my life. Whenever I start to slip into a funk, I must remember the gift of these friendships, because it truly IS a gift, and I know I am loved by these women.

So ladies, thank you for being exactly who you are, and though our geography may someday change, you will always be my heart's next-door neighbor. Love you all...and can't wait until our next adventure, which I will boldly move forward into with COMFORTABLE SHOES!!!!!


Insung said...

I had so much fun with the girls last night too. I am lucky to have you around!!!

LoveLladro said...

What a fun night.... and what fantastic shoes!