Thursday, August 28, 2008

Autumn equinox

Promises to Myself for Fall...

1. My fall colors are officially rich purple, dark teal, browns, nutmegs, rusts, and a dab of gold. I must find some form of apparel or accessory to satisfy these requirements. Maybe I can learn to wear a scarf really well. Rose, help me.

2. I will take the photography class. That sounds oh so hipster. Really, it's a "how to properly use your point and click digital camera" class for picture dummies like myself. I am friends with way too many people who take beautiful pictures. It's really annoying.

3. I will take the how to make biscotti cooking class. I tried to take this before but they cancelled it for not enough people signing up. Enough people better sign up. I want to make biscotti and give it as gifts. I don't care if people like it or not. Re-gift it.

4. I'm going to host a fall open house. I honestly just decided that right this second. I want to make cider and things involving pumpkin and maybe we can sit around and discuss art or the election or how I can't find brown flats that inspire me.

5. I'm going to find a volunteer project for Claire and I. I SO need ideas for this!!! Please, anyone who can give me suggestions on what I can do with an infant as far as volunteering, PLEASE DO.

6. I'm going to The Charles by myself one afternoon when Claire's dad has her and watching a film that I want to see. Me, myself, and I.

7. I'm going to finish reading A Confederacy of Dunces AND Invisible Monsters. All I do at night is sit on this computer, and I need to start reading. And I will. Just not right now. Since I'm sitting on this computer.

8. I'm going to bake at least one loaf of homemade bread from scratch again.

9. I'm going to take Claire to at least one public library story hour, even if I have to take a day off work to do it.

10. I am going to have a kick ass time at Rose's wedding and am going to feel deserving of having that good time! Obviously Jessica will have to drive, or we may not have a good time on account of being thrown into some random Orlando jail after I beat a slow moving granny with my ice scraper.

OK, so as I complete these, you're all going to hear about them. D*mn right you will.


Rose said...

I agree with #10!
AND for #5, how about an old folks home? Old people love babies. Just don't beat any of them up with your ice scraper...

LoveLladro said...

1. I have been inspired to make my own list... coming soon to a blog near you.

2. #10... I will drive because while I know a kick a$$ MD lawyer, I don't know any FL ones. And you are right... we will have an awesome time! I can't wait!

iskim9 said...

These all look fantastic. I need to work on mine now! mmm biscotti... can you send me one if you make one?