Saturday, August 30, 2008

Choppin' Broccoli

I plopped Claire in the car and off we went to the post office (aka, the central business district of Hell) so I could pick up the baby food processor I won on ebay (brand new in the box, less than half the retail price, even with shipping, thank you very much). As soon as we got home, I could tell she was hungry, so I got to work right away. I bought broccoli yesterday---cheated, because I didn't feel like buying it fresh, so I bought frozen stalks. I plopped them in my handy dandy microwave steam tray I wisely bought last year at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and shoved it in the microwave for five minutes. I rinsed and washed out the processor, which kind of looks like the Magic Bullet. Claire was getting somewhat impatient and was not satisfied with the Gerber "wagon wheel" treat I had tossed at her. I grabbed two stalks of the broccoli and put them in the processor, buzzed it for a minute, and there was my wonderful broccoli mush!!!! Yay! I sprinkled a bit of organic shredded cheddar on top, nuked it for another ten seconds, then stirred the cheese into it. OK, here we go...

Got Claire strapped in her chair and spooned a little into her mouth. She got her usual crinkled face look as in "What in the heck is this new crap," and it took her a while to determine if this was going to be something she was good with. She rather preferred to take some of the mushy chunks and shove them in her mouth herself. She took about half, which was pretty good, although a lot of it was pasted onto her body at that point. She watched me as I ate the rest out of her little bowl...dang, it was good w/that cheese! She was definitely more receptive to her banana peach granola Gerber stuff I gave her next. She'd turn beet red, purse her lips together very hard and yell "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" until I got the next bite into her mouth. She's a trip.

So I'm pretty happy I was able to give her the broccoli. I am going to TRY (and "try" is the operative word here) to send a "lunch" into daycare with her as often as I can. I also bought the organic chicken breast again, and I'm going to use the processor to shred that up. I need to get a little divided plate with a lid, and I'm thinking I can puree some fresh blueberries and send that with the chicken and broccoli. I might try to think up some "menus" for her this week.

Oh, as always, a shout-out to my stay-at-home mommy buddies...ding dang, I am worn out after only being home w/her for one day! I just turned around and did a quick assessment of my apartment. I hope the Health Department isn't in the area or I'm screwed. I don't know how you keep it all together. I'm off to try and put this place back together.


Laura said...

YAY! So proud of you with the broccoli and I'm glad the processor is working out for you. I definately recommend getitng the divided plate with lid, I have a couple that my mom got me and they are great!!! Just premake a meal and pop it in the fridge until later or pack it for a trip out. I think mine or munchkin or bumkin or something like that.

iskim9 said...

Yum... it sounds so yummy... great job, mommy!