Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dreaming of Hugh

I absolutely love when I have a dream about Hugh Laurie. It's just so rare. Usually I'm dreaming of beating the crap out of someone. Hmm, I really should find a new therapist.

Anyway, I can't remember much about the dream...just that we were in the audience of some game show...Laura was there sitting beside me. We had to choose someone...some kind of celebrity representative. I forget who we chose, but I noticed a sign for "House," and I said "damn! We should have picked the person from House!" And I looked it was some person named Louise something or other who had guest starred very briefly on an episode. I said "well, that's dumb, Louise was only on for less than two minutes or something." Then the lady beside me said, "yeah, that's what Hugh just said." And I looked over, and Hugh was sitting beside her. I can only remember flecks of the rest of the dream, but I was definitely hanging out w/Hugh, and even Robert Sean Leonard was somehow in it (and I think Jesse Spencer). Robert Sean was kicking a football in someone's yard.

So I figure tonight I am definitely eating provolone cheese before bed. That's what I did last night, and maybe the provolone somehow invoked the dream of Hugh....sigh.

OK, so does anyone ever question why I'm medicated? Didn't think so.


LoveLladro said...

Hugh? Really? I more of a Matt Damon Mark Wahlberg kinda girl.

iskim9 said...

Oh... your love of Hugh... keep eating provolone cheese before bed! ;-)