Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Project Train Wreck

First, the breaking news...


Oh sweet Marie, I didn't think I'd EVER be finished with that thing. But alas, I e-mailed the files to the editorial coordinator this morning and I never want to read about clinical hematology again!

So I'm taking tonight OFF. I wish I had cable so I could watch a Christmas movie on the Family Channel. Maybe I'll watch a movie. Whatever, the point is, I do not have to sit in front of that computer and copyedit!

After tonight, however, there is an even bigger task to tackle.

My apartment.

Ugh. It's a disaster. It's a miserable place to come home to, and that is just not acceptable. I have let it go for a while because I've had back-to-back copyediting projects for so long. But now it's time to take a deep breath and dive in (someone please call in the search and rescue party if you hear muffled cries from a pile of clothes on my bed).

So as of Thursday evening begins Project Train Wreck. One room a night for five nights. At the end of those five nights, a clean apartment! Well, as clean as I can keep it with Tropical Storm Claire (who will soon be upgraded to Hurricane Claire). By the end of the night, there are random shoes and wipes and other such objects all awry. I looked down at her this morning and she had a knee-hi in one hand and a ladle in the other. That's my girl.

A clean place equals a more peaceful me. So after all those years of my mom saying, "Now wouldn't you feel better if your place was straightened?" I can finally answer yes, yes I would!! Now maintaining it? Yeah, we'll talk about that sometime in another blog.


LoveLladro said...

enjoy your night off!!

iskim9 said...

It is a big task. Cleaning a place where an one-year old girl lives in? I feel for you!!