Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday bits

I'm at the office working on copyediting. That seems to be my constant Sunday activity these days. My child is sick. Ugh. We just got through the Thanksgiving bought of diarrhea. Now it seems she has some sort of cold. But of course when she gets a cold, there is always a fever that goes w/it, i.e., no daycare. If I send her and the fever goes over 101, she can't go back the next day. Am I a horrible mother because I'm slightly irritated because I just simply cannot miss anymore work?!?! We are leaving for home on Friday, and this just doesn't fit into the plans. She slept a LOT the last two days, and by magic, after a dose of ibuprofen drops and her sleep this morning from 10 to 12:30, she woke up happy as always, flying around like a nut. Oh, I just pray it lasts. Ugh.

Must get back to my duties here. I did not get to go to the sing-fest at Red Canoe as I'd hoped :-( but I did at least stop at Starbucks. Some lady behind me was chatting to me, obviously not sensing that I'm not a people person. But I just tried to step into my mom's shoes (a people person) and be friendly. She was nice. She complimented my sweater (some 10-year-old thing that I miraculously can squash myself into that I wore because they don't heat the office on Sundays). She also tried to guess my age and guessed 33. Anyone who guesses an age BELOW the my actual age is fine by me. They were playing Love's Recovery by the Indigo Girls in Starbucks. I got a caramel macchiato-flavored biscotti. All in all, good trip.

And that would be it for the Sunday bits.

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iskim9 said...

caramel macchiato-flavored biscotti? yum...
hey, how is Claire now?