Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter haze

I'm blaming my recent bout of "unable to get it together" syndrome on the arrival of bitter cold air to my little world. Even as I type this, my fingers are numb and my pee has frozen in my bladder like a pee-sicle. Sorry for the graphic.

So let's see...I have thank you's written out for Claire's birthday party that haven't been sent. You know, that was only a month and a half ago. Grrr. Then there are the birthday cards...niece Holly (November 11), brother Greg (November 20), sister Beth (November 29)...all laid out on my desk. Addressed. Not sent. Double grrr.

I was also infamously known in the past for sending my Christmas greeting cards on December 1. Religiously on December 1. I've gotten as far as buying them and cutting the wallet-sized pictures of Claire that will be enclosed. I had planned on writing as many out tonight as possible. This plan may be affected by yet ANOTHER copyediting project. I feel like a jerk for's money I need. But geez. Aren't they aware how lazy I am?

Project Trainwreck from my previous blog is going to be a long-term project instead of the initially projected five nights. I have one corner of my bedroom cleaned. That's where it stands. I'd love to have a half decent apartment by the time I go home to Pennsylvania on December 19. We'll see.

Just a few scattered comments...if anyone has the opportunity in the next few weeks to visit the Garden of Lights...Seasons of Light tour at Brookside Gardens, PLEASE do so. Brant and I took Claire on Saturday night, and it was beautiful! We almost skipped the train exhibit but decided to go in to warm up a bit, and it was really amazing. Don't forget to stop at the conservatory for hot cider or hot chocolate! There was a small orchestra of flutes playing Christmas music while we were drinking our cider, and it was really nice. Claire really enjoyed that.

Oh, for anyone reading who has any baby equipment (high chair, Bumbo, pack and play, etc.) that you no longer have use for, I have one thing to say...CRAIGSLIST!!!! I have had great success in the past, and this morning I posted a Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper (think exersaucer that can also bouncer) that Claire has outgrown, and I sold it in under an hour!! I love it! Not only do I clear room in my apartment, I make $30 to boot!

Think that's all that's going on in my head in the present moment. For anyone affected by my winter haze head, forgive me. I'll keep working to get things straight...just keep warm in the meantime.


iskim9 said...
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iskim9 said...

I don't even have side projects like you but why am I so behind of anything!!