Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Eats

I'm getting ready to head out to Trader Joe's to expand my dinner time selections for Claire. I just wanted to share some of her (and my) current favorites...

1. Nature's Promise Organic Whole Milk.

Nature's Promise is Giant's affordable organic line. Claire is on whole milk until she's 2. She gets three cups a day, 21 to 24 oz. (the maximum she should have per the pediatrician). She'd probably drink two gallons if I gave her the chance. Like Mommy, she loves her milk!

2. Nature's Promise Organic Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Again, like Mommy, Claire is a cheese hog! I use this to entice her into eating broccoli, as an additive to eggs, and for many other things to add flavor, protein, and calcium. I've tasted it and it's wonderful!

3. Motts Healthy Harvest Applesauce cups

Claire LOVES applesauce. I give it to her as a "dessert." I love these cups because there is no sugar added, and they come in great flavors like blueberry, strawberry, mango peach, and mixed berry. They also contain a full day's supply of Vitamin C.

4. Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese

I love Annie's brand...lots of kid-friendly organic choices. And I love the single servings of this mac and cheese. To add nutritional value, I steam and puree cauliflower and mix it in with the cheese after heating and Claire doesn't know otherwise. This is a definite favorite.

5. Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies

Another Annie winner...Annie's version of Goldfish. When I dump these on Claire's tray, she gets so excited! A fun thing to give along with soup or a sandwich for lunch.

6. Health is Wealth Organic Chicken Fingers

This is a new find, and I love them. I tested them and I think they're delicious. Quick and easy in the microwave, with antibiotic and hormone-free chicken and organic stone-ground whole wheat breading.

7. Nature's Promise Omega-3 Natural Brown Eggs

Claire loves scrambled eggs, and they're a quick and easy dinnertime dish. I'll puree some cauliflower or carrots and mix them in w/the eggs along w/some Nature's Promise shredded cheese and scramble them up.

8. DelMonte No Sugar Added Mandarin Orange Cups

Claire eats these like they're candy. I can't get them out of the cup and onto her tray fast enough. I have to hand them to her one at a time or she will literally just jam about five in her mouth at one time. When she's done, I drink the leftover juice in the good!

Hopefully I can keep finding things that are easy to make and that she likes as much as the products listed above. I'm off to Trader Joe's to explore!


Laura said...

Victoria loves the nature's promise milk and the fruit cups too! She's also all of the sudden really into yogurt, so that makes breakfast easy. I love the yobaby yogurt! Good luck with your grocery shopping and hopefully I"ll see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh they look yummy... I buy the same Giant brand organic milk for Minhae. When she transferred to a next level infant room at day care, I found that they provide kids with milk they have at the center. It made me feel strange. I am just so emotional. She has grown so much!