Monday, January 26, 2009

My Big Date

As a rule, I never look forward to Valentine's Day. I've had more dreary ones than mushy ones, and I've come to expect that I will be sitting at home watching slasher movies and plotting the demise of all men with the exception of my dad. And maybe Hugh Laurie.

But this year is different. This year I have a DATE!!!! Yes, I'm already planning for the big day. What should I wear? I'm thinking maybe a red sweater and jeans. My date isn't too picky.

I've already made the plans. Lunch at the Red Canoe on Harford Road. I just have to plan around my date's schedule. There's the nap to consider, teddy bears to be hugged, touch and feel books to be date is a little high maintenance, but so, SO lovable.

My date has big brown eyes and curly, curly hair. Good dresser. Kind of a messy eater. GREAT conversationalist. "Ba ba ba. Uh-ohhhhhh. Hi! Hi! Uckie!" (ducky, of course).

This is going to be the best Valentine's Day ever. What more could I hope for than to spend it with the love of my life :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't even know Feb 14 falls on Saturday this year. I need to start planning mine then! Enjoy your date. She is so lovable. I can't agree more!

LoveLladro said...

what a glorious date... can you give her a hug from chase and I??