Monday, February 16, 2009

Takin' the Day Off

OK, I'm not really taking the day off. It's President's Day, and that was good enough for Wall Street to take a break, which in turn means my company is closed.

So what have we done thus far today?

Gotten up and had milk.

Pulled out 8 wipes from box.

Ran away from Mommy in mid-diaper change (as usual), ran behind the glide rocker, peed on the floor, ran back over to Mommy and grabbed a wipe, then ran behind the glide rocker and wiped up own pee. Seriously.

Watched 42 seconds total of Sesame Street while walking around holding a sauce pot. The sauce pot is in the cabinet. The cabinet w/the safety locks. The safety lock someone somehow managed to bust through.

Pushed shopping cart around and proceeded to turn beet red and scream every time said cart got "stuck" on a piece of furniture.

Successfully put on one shoe w/o assistance (I was so proud of this).

In three hours, had THREE monster epic poop diapers. Please, PLEASE, grandparents, do not feed my child meatloaf anymore.

Demanded the Cookie Monster counting book be read at least 98 times in a row so Mommy could do the Cookie Monster voice and pretend to gobble baby up.

Carried coasters from end table to the couch. And then back to the end table. And then back to the couch. And then back to the end table. And then back to the couch. And then...yeah, like that.

At 11:20 am, busy baby down for scheduled chill session, i.e., nap.

Afternoon? I'm thinking lunch, to the dollar store to buy big bouncy ball. Bundle baby up and take to park to kick around the big bouncy ball. To Starbucks to take break while feeding baby Gerber puffs until I get chai latte gulped down. To store to try to find interesting socks for baby. Home. Dinner. Play. Books. Bed.

I think this is a marvelous way to spend President's Day, if you ask me.


LoveLladro said...

sounds like a great day! and chase is doing that get stuck and turn beet red! so impatient!

iskim9 said...

You are having a great time with Claire. I was home with Minhae all day yesterday and actually loved it! It was hard to come back to work after the long weekend. Minhae cried really hard when I dropped off at day care this morning. I am sure Claire loved all day with you yesterday!