Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Update

So Claire, her daddy, and I went to Port Discovery yesterday. Naturally, that is the kind of place you take your camera and snap action shots of your kid in all the fun activities. Um, unless you're Kara, who didn't even think to bring her camera. Duh.

All in all a good experience. Anyone who knows me at all knows I don't do well in crowds, so this was a bit challenging for me. Of course weekends at any attraction like that are going to be crazy. So for other things I want to do like the zoo, museums, etc., I will use my vacation days and take her during the week.

Claire really enjoyed it, though I think it will be even more enjoyable as she gets a little older and is able to do more physically. Brant and I discussed and agreed to get a family membership (cheaper than my MyGym class!) so she can enjoy it more often.

We went to Houlihan's after that for lunch. As a sidebar, and I mention it often, the Kelty pack SO WORTH IT. It is so much more convenient than a stroller, and Claire is so chill in that thing...she is up high and can see what is going on, all the while being able to hold on to her Daddy.

At Houlihan's some pretty funky music was on in the background. Claire, out of nowhere, starts jamming it down to the beat. Oh, I wish I could have videotaped that...hilarious! She loves to dance!!! She was jamming in the shopping cart later on at Trader Joe's. One of a kind!

In Mommy's world, Mommy is tired, tired, tired. Week upon week of getting up, getting Claire and myself ready for daycare and work, respectively, and then putting in a full 8-hour day at the office, home to take care of Claire, and then another two to four hours of copyediting is taking its toll. I need rebooted!!! This project is due tomorrow, and in my opinion, I was not given a realistic deadline to do the second half of this project: 11 chapters in a week. I had a week to do 7 and then a week to do 11. I guess that's fine if you're a full-time copyediter, but I'm not, and that was hard. I shouldn't say "was hard" yet, because I actually have about 3 more chapters to do. Brant took Claire for the day, so it's a perfect opportunity for me to complete the project. However, I am currently operating with the tank on "E" and I've decided to go to the Charles to watch the Oscar-nominated shorts this afternoon. I did the same thing last weekend...went to see Slumdog Millionaire instead of doing my copyediting. I fall behind and feel guilty, but I thoroughly enjoyed spending time w/my friend, Kristi (and the inevitable crepe devouring afterwards at Sofi's) and loved the film. But then the guilt hits again.

Ugh, it's a neverending battle. I wouldn't trade being a working mom for the world, but it ain't no picnic, that's for sure. But I do look forward to the near future when after I get Claire to bed, I can plop down with a good book and relish a few moments for myself.

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iskim9 said...

It sounds like it was a perfect weekend for Claire! And don't feel guilty mama!