Friday, May 8, 2009

One-Minute Update

I'm dropping in while my proofreading project is printing out...

Very quickly...I've been officially unemployed for a little over two weeks (it seems like yesterday). In that time, I have picked up a LOT of proofreading from my freelance contact. It is all coming from one large medical book about infectious diseases (not great to be proofing while the whole swine flu thing is going on...i think i've been through five bottles of Purell since the start of this project).

In between reading a bazillion chapters of this, I have been on two interviews. The first interview I don't think was great, and I don't think I was in love with the job. I am absolutely living the "beggars can't be choosers" life; however, I can't see accepting a position on Rockville only for it to be miserable. The woman even said they work after hours often, something I can no longer do because of my little Fuzz.

The second interview was yesterday, and I'm really, REALLY hoping I get this job. It is in Catonsville, so I wouldn't have to move, and I have a lot of experience in what the position is all about. More details to come, but keep your fingers crossed!

I also got two calls about jobs. One job, again in Rockville (Rockville is where it's at, that is for sure), I would definitely be interested in, and I'm still in the process of submitting editing samples, etc. to the hiring manager. The other call was for a job in DC (is there ANYTHING in Baltimore?), and that ended up being a very entry level position that did not have a high enough salary for me to consider.

So I'm glad there's a bit of hope here. I can't say I still don't mourn the loss of my old job and all that came with it. I frankly wish I could just drop all of this crap and go back. But things are going OK for the current situation I'm in. Claire still goes to daycare while I proofread all day. I did not want to interrupt her routine, plus I can't even pee by myself when she's home let alone proofread. I also didn't want to lose her spot at the daycare because I certainly am hoping to be back to work soon.

And that is my one-minute update!


In-Sung said...

I've been checking your blog...not that I don't want to hear from you through e-mail, but I was hoping you come back to one of your daily routine. I am glad to hear that you are getting lots of interview chances and also the freelance works for the time being. Things will work for you. You are a very talented and hardworking person that I know. Fingers crossed!

I am smiling here...with your comment about you can't even pee with Claire in the house. I just can't agree more. She is a busy little girl who loves to know about everything mommy does!

LoveLladro said...

Thanks for updating! I really do enjoy seeing you pop up on my google reader ;~) Glad to hear things are moving along nicely and I am glad to hear there are things in the works. Here's to praying this moves you somewhere bigger and better than before.