Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silly Girl

I spend a lot of time correcting Claire while having to turn my head away so she doesn't see me laugh. The child is such a character. Now when she climbs up on something she shouldn't (like every other minute), she looks at me, smiles and says, "Hi!" Yeah, hi yourself, wild child.

You know those letters you buy for the bathtub that stick on the wall? Well, tonight *someone* got the letter "I" stuck up the faucet. Mommy had to perform faucet surgery and after five minutes and many sighs, retrieved the poor "I" with her eyebrow tweezers.

And we are definite Elmo's World addicts here at Willow Bend Drive. We were watching the Elmo's World about water for the second time, and for the second time when small children were demonstrating how they swim in water, Claire laughed like it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. Not sure what about little kids in a pool strikes her as funny, but it is hilarious watching her just laugh and laugh at that.

She's an absolute trip, and I'm just along for the ride :-)


In-Sung said...

don't you just looooove when she laughes with something that is not so funny to our dull adult mind? Oh, bless your charming girl. She is a character. I am sure you are loving the ride...

LoveLladro said...

Ok... I have to tell you a Chase story. I was 'disciplining' him with a time out (hitting and kicking are the new black). Well apparently he had enough of dealing with mommy, turned to the door and with the most pathetic cry yelled "daddeeeeeee". I had to look away and just smile. Then I turned back around, looked him square in the face and said "Daddy isn't here right now, you have to deal with me." Ahhhh, mommies are the enforcers!

Love Love LOVE that smile. I don't know how you get anything done... she is so freaking cute!

In-Sung said...

"you have to deal with me"! Yes you are the enforcer, Jessica. So funny.