Thursday, October 9, 2008

Autumn is Home

So the autumn equinox "officially" started on September 22; however, it didn't feel like fall. Down here in Merry-land, the Indian summer sometimes feels like it lasts forever. I remember the day Laura and I went to see the butterfly exhibit...mid-September. It was SO hot. I was sweating like no human really should.

But in the last few days, autumn has slipped in. I can literally see the difference in the air. It has a different color, a different smell, a different feel. When I arrive at daycare each evening to get Claire, there's a notable difference. I can't even put it into words...that indescribable "essence" of the atmosphere. All I know is that I like it. It feels like home.

A natural inclination toward cooking and baking seeps in...especially for soups and warm spicy baked goods. I have accumulated recipes to try in the next few weeks.

I now dress Claire in her one-piece "footie" pajamas. As I get ready to put her to bed, I switch the light off in her room and we sit quietly together in the new darkness for the last moments of her day.

I put the heat on last night for the first time this season. I traded my t-shirt for a sweatshirt and put socks on my feet. I pull out sweaters and tweed pants in the morning and my white pants have been retired for another winter.

I really do love fall, maybe because it doesn't feel like it lasts long, so I want to hold onto every moment of its cool heartiness.

Before the messiness of winter hits, I am going to come home and wrap myself in this season.


Rose said...

I love Fall, too. I love pulling out sweaters I haven't seen in a while, baking apple cake and turkey. I love Fall drives out to the country... But Fall is always so bittersweet. I never want to let go of summer, and I know what's coming. Have I mentioned I hate Winter?

iskim9 said...

I love winter.... ;-)

LoveLladro said...

chill in the air... leaves changing... breakout the cider and firewood! fall is my face season!