Monday, October 6, 2008

Tag, I'm IT!!!

Jessica didn't official "tag" me, but I'm posting this anyway.

4 Things I Did Today
1. had morning snuggle time w/my best girl
2. changed two diapers before leaving the house this morning
3. worked on the same horrid proposal all day today
4. ate real (i.e., not lite or fat-free) Thousand Island dressing for the first time in years...oh so good.

4 Things On My To Do List (<-- this is just my to-do list for this evening)
1. fold whites in the dryer, do a load of towels
2. nails/eyebrows
3. cook apple couscous chicken thingy
4. do dishes that don't go in the dishwasher

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures
1. Papa John's Tuscan pizza
2. great films
3. clothes and shoes..for me or Claire, doesn't matter
4. ebay

4 Random Facts About Me:
1. I am genetically predisposed to be clean and tidy...and am anything but
2. I was going to name Claire "Kate," but I didn't want people to call her "Katie," so I chose Claire instead. There are people who actually call her Clairey. Go figure.
3. Every night I have slept on the couch..not in my queen-sized bed..since Claire was born
4. I do not hate that Claire goes to daycare and feel guilty that I should.

There you have it.


LoveLladro said...

#5 on my to do list... get apple chicken recipe from you!

iskim9 said...

I think I have more than 10 on my to-do list!