Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do As I Say, Not As I DO

I take great pains to make my baby the healthiest food possible.

For dinner I had the other half of a lunch calzone (that I didn't put in the fridge, Rose) and a cup of International Foods Coffee Sugar Free Suisse Mocha. And a provolone sandwich.

Hmm...one of these days my daughter is going to wise up and say why do I have to eat this stuff when all you eat is junk? On Saturday, Rose and Laura were ganging up...I mean gently suggesting that I change my eating habits.

I don't really want to even go into that topic (and I will delete any comments you two evil women post); I actually just wanted to share what I threw together for Claire's lunch tomorrow: steamed spinach mixed with baked sweet potato and shredded organic mild cheddar. I always taste my concoctions to make sure they're edible, and oh my, this was so good! So that's really what my point is. I'll make the effort for my daughter but won't for myself, and I end up really liking what I make for her. Just imagine if I would just make a big batch and she and I could split it. Well d*mn, that would make too much sense.


LoveLladro said...

I was just feeding Chase green beans and rice and mixed vegetables while I was scarfing down mere shards of salt and vinegar potato chips... classy.

Anonymous said...

You know I would agree with what Rose and Laura suggest... But I will not say anything here as you will delete it! Just keep making yummy food for Claire so you can share with her. Or do what Jessica does. We all do so often! :-)