Friday, September 12, 2008

Toy Story

Did any of you think I wouldn't have an opinion on toys? Didn't think so. My mom recently asked me to give her ideas for Claire for Christmas. She wants to get an early start. My few loose rules..1) do NOT overgift my daughter. I do not want this girl getting some inflated sense of entitlement and/or turn her into a spoiled, overindulged brat; 2) nothing electronic yet. By that, I don't mean the things that blink and/or make noise. I'm referring to things that resemble video games, even the books that read themselves, etc. 3) we want to go old school at my house. I want toys that are engaging and challenge her imagination. So I compiled a visual list and send this off to mom...

Activity center



Pop-up Farm

Pound and Roll

See and Say

Tool Bench





LoveLladro said...

I just stole your list and made one for Chase! I created an Amazon wish list for him! We'll see if it works ;~)

Anonymous said...

I like everything you listed. Many of them overlap what I have on my wishlist for Minhae. Can't you tell I was researching too? :-)