Monday, September 8, 2008

The Tiny Tyke Stands!

Claire's first Tiny Tykes class at MyGym was this past Saturday morning. Although the weather was ferocious, we enthusiastically ventured to our first class together with her dad. There were a lot of babies there! The class began with all of us sitting in a big circle on the ground. We did "warm up" exercises---lots of toe touching, waving arms in the air, etc. Claire was a little overwhelmed at the fast pace, but she liked looking at the other kids.

There was a lot of fun equipment to try. Claire definitely was not happy to be placed in the ball pit. That scared her. I'm going to keep trying each week to see if she overcomes that fear. We guided her down the slide and put her on the little trampoline. She started crawling up a ramp, and I supported her bum as she made her way to the top. Her daddy, the former rock climber and avid hiker, was beaming with pride, as his little climber powered her way to the top. Claire really enjoyed the small octogon-shaped play area bordered by a soft "wall"...she used it to balance herself while walking around, and all of the sudden, she raised herself up and stood up on her own! Brant and I were there to see it and were very excited :-) I was so proud I wanted to call CNN and have them immediately release it as breaking news.

Before our time was over, Claire got to use the baby swing and enjoyed it. Then all the babies gathered around a toy pit at the end and played with a plethera of toys. Claire quickly spotted a baby who had the same binky as her. This baby had the binky in her mouth. I watched my power crawler make a beeline for the baby and try to rip the binky out of her mouth. Yes, a mother's proud moment..running over to her child assaulting another baby trying to pilfer her binky.

Since Saturday, Claire has stood up a few more times. It's so amazing to watch. That is one amazing little girl!


LoveLladro said...

Chase started doing that recently... so crazy to see them standing on their own! Your gym sounds awesome! Way more things then our place... I like the swings! I am going to have to scout out the local parks! Kisses to Claire for me!

Anonymous said...

It seems you all had a fun day with Claire! Claire looks so happy in the picture. :-)