Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Foot in Mouth...or Hand in Pocket?

Usually it's me sticking my foot in my mouth. What do you call that when you do it online?

I very casually typed a status update for Facebook..."Contemplating an I nuts?" OK, totally never expected the influx of comments that came in shortly after I typed that. This is not something I was really putting a ton of thought into yet...just throwing a few ideas around in my head. In-Sung is probably reading this open-mouthed, as every time we talk and she mentions school, I adamantly declare how much I LOATHE school and am glad I got my bachelor's and got the heck out. So my Facebook statement was in total contradiction of what I normally say. As usual!!!

That brings me to a few of the thoughts that are swimming in my head (and there are so many they start banging into one another). I'm impatient. I know, huge revelation, right? Well, I feel like I started a career that I am totally unfamiliar with. I was strictly an English major. The most business experience I had in school was a 100-level management class and another marketing class. So for the past almost five years, I've been in the investment management industry, and it becomes clearer by the day how little I know about investment management. It's also clear how lost I am in my role as a marketing assistant. The RFP writing process comes easily. The whole marketing thing...strategizing, developing, etc...not so much.

So what do I do to become better educated? That's when I started thinking about pursuing further studies. Towson and University of Baltimore have joined together to offer an online MBA program. So that's what I was exploring when I threw that statement out there last night...apparently very prematurely! But I'm a pretty rash person, and I need to remember (1) how much I hate school; (2) that I am beyond limited in the financial means department; and (3) have a child who deserves my full attention. Ay, there's the rub.

So between now and when I may actually make this big life decision, I'm going to ask my boss for some recommended reading to perhaps better acquaint myself with some of the language and processes I deal with day to day.

I'm also going to stick with lighter status updates on Facebook!

To end this on a positive, if not positively gorgeous note...the poor child is getting tired of standing in front of the door for her daily photograph. Mommy can't help it.

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Anonymous said...

You are smart and work so hard. Whatever decision you make, you will be fine! And here I am...who would love to go back to school. lol