Thursday, January 7, 2010


They give you a little cup of cream cheese with your bagel at Au Bon Pain. I'm done with the bagel, and I'm now eating the excess cream cheese straight out of the cup.

The lady in front of me on the train this morning smelled like she poured four gallons of Baby Magic all over herself. Granted, that's not the worst smell I've ever encountered on the train, but it still was making me gag.

My two bosses are in Illinois today doing a finals presentation for our Mid Cap Growth fund. I did the proposal :-) Granted, a proposal itself never wins the business, but it does get your foot in, so I'm happy about that. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, at casa de Crazy, my child is getting out of control. Or as Dr. Phil says, the tail is wagging the dog. So I've set out to get that dynamic turned around. I am not surprised by what a strong-willed child she is; however, it doesn't make it any easier. So last night I started the time outs which had before never been successful. I have resorted to putting her into her booster seat where she is restrained and letting her sit for a few minutes. At first she didn't care. She was just talking and singing to herself. Then she was mad. I wouldn't engage her, but simply told her that she had to sit there because she threw her food. We'll see if this makes any difference. Getting her out of daycare yesterday was again difficult, but I just got a strong hold of her hand and basically dragged her out. That's always fun...that and the looks I get from the other parents. Oh wellsa.

On a happier note, Christmas has come in January for Claire. With the help of gift cards, I was able to get her a few gifts, and she is loving her doctor kit and play microwave. I spent most of last night getting my blood pressure checked. We also learned "night" in sign language last night on Sprout. She has added this to the other signs she already knows (her favorite is "more").

Hmm..what else? I've been doing good at keeping relatively calm (one of my New Year's "aspirations), and I did get my living room cleaned. I hung a string of lifelike butterflies from one end of Claire's ceiling to the middle of the room, far enough from the vent that they weren't a fire hazard but close enough that they blow in the breeze when the heat is on. She loves looking at them.

Did good on day one of my water drinking campaign. 32 oz. Not so good since then. Not worried...will get back on the horse.

Contemplating taking Claire back to My Gym on Saturday mornings and still planning on starting her in a gymnastics class later this year when she turns 3. Wanting to proceed with another one of my New Year's aspirations...spending "days off" visiting with friends instead of sitting around my house, and vowing to go home to parents at least once every other month.

Just finished alternating coffee and orange juice. Now going to update a plethora of investment databases. Life is good on this Thursday in January.

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