Sunday, January 3, 2010


Observation #1: There is no reasoning with a two-year-old. Really.

Blank-et is in the wash...the thing was just nasty...I can never get it away from the girl. Finally I insisted and made her drop it in the washer. Sigh. The only deterrent is to let her watch The Wiggles. Have you seen The Wiggles? Do you realize how obnoxious these weirdos are? She loves them.

Observation #2: Claire loves Gala apples.

Better than Red Delicious. She doesn't like them cut up. She likes them whole. When she's had enough, she lets it drop wherever she may be. This is why I find gross rotten apples in my car often.

Observation #3: Maintaining a well-kept living room bites.

Every toy must constantly be put away. I spend all day just picking up, picking up. Is this how normal people live? You know, the ones who don't live in filth? I suppose. I do love my wide open (albeit in need of a deep cleaning) living room floor.

Observation #4: When you actually ASK Claire if she wants her diaper change, she will always tell you, "No." This is why I must drag her onto the ground and turn into a WWF wrestler every two to three hours to get her changed, which I will be doing in a minute when I finish this post. Please, send positive thoughts my way. I need them.

Observation #5: My daughter is a stunner. Proof? Check her out...


Gina P. said...

Sounds every bit like Kylie! I just had this same conversation with my mom today. I bought her a shirt over the summer that said "Two isn't terrible...I'm having a blast". Pretty much sums things up. She is just so freaking high maintenance! And just when I get to the end of my rope and so mad at her, she does the sweetest most thoughtful things that you could ever think of. Then I snap back to reality and realize how truly blessed I am.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised!!! This stage shall pass.... right?

LoveLladro said...

She is a stunner... seriously, you will have your hands full in the future (even more so than now ;~)

As for the living room... have you started working on having Claire help you pick up one toy when she wants to move onto another? I try to do this with Chase (you know, when I am actually paying attention to him... sometimes when I am doing other thing, the kid ends up with every stinking toy on the floor)... anyway... start working with her to pick things up... maybe it won't be you all the time in the future ;~)