Friday, January 1, 2010

Sparkling Fresh

That is how I'm thinking of this new year.

Resolutions? Nope, don't make them.

Aspirations? Many.

But I just want to think of this one day, untainted, bursting at the seams with possibility, calling my name to jump with both feet out of tumultuous 2009 and into a blank slate of 2010, ready for me to give it a go.

So today, just for today, I will begin simply by cleaning my living room. Making it a room where Claire and I can sit and play and grow her already beautiful imagination. Today I see me clearing a space of chaos into one that brings peace to my heart.

Tomorrow? Nope, not thinking about that one yet. Just TODAY.

Happy New Year, and happy today :-)

1 comment:

LoveLladro said...

It's amazing what a little straightening and cleaning will do for your outlook ;~) We did the same thing (and are doing more today as soon as we get off our lazy bleeps)