Friday, January 29, 2010

God has welcomed his sweet angel, tonight


Please pray for our family's friend, Wendy and her family, who tonight lost their precious daughter/sister, Heather to Ewing's sarcoma. This beautiful girl had the strength of a thousand men, and she handled her illness with the grace and strength of no human I've ever seen before. Praise to Wendy for her unbreakable faith in God, and their family's creed to FROG..Fully Rely On God. May Jesus hold Heather in his arms tonight and the angels sing their glory to this precious Child of God. My God's healing hands be placed on Wendy, Meach, Hannah, and their family as they face the road ahead.

May they never stop fighting to rid the world of cancer, for no child should have to suffer from this disease.

Dear friends, please hug your precious ones a little tighter today, and love them in the name of Heather Miller. God bless you, Heather Feather.


Insung said...

I am so sorry. I pray...

LoveLladro said...

I am so sorry Kara. I can't even imagine this kind of loss. Definitely praying for your friends... and that FROG... love it.