Thursday, January 21, 2010

Night, night

"Claire, do you want to read your book?"


"Who are all these people on this page, Claire?"

"Cookie, Elmo, Dawn (Prairie Dawn), Buht (Bert), Uhnie (Ernie), Big Buhd, Uhsca (Oscar), Honkie (Honkers)...THEE End!"

"Very good, Claire! Do you want to read this one now?"


"What are those?"

"Potties! (Hippopotumus)"

"What else?"

"MONKEYS! Lions..ROAR! Seals. Behs (bears). Nakes (snakes)THEE End!."

"OK, let's sing before bed. Do you want to sing a song?"


"Sing with Mommy..Twinkle, twinkle...."

"Kinkle, kinkle, little stah. Diamond in 'ky. What you ah!"

"Yay, Claire! One more...Patty cake, patty cake..."

"Bakes can. Wolllllllll it. Paaaaaaat it. Mark...B! Put oven baby and ME!"

"What a good job, Claire! I loved your song! OK, let's get in bed with blankie and binky."


"Here's your juice, babe (water). Give Mommy hug. Give Mommy kiss. Do you love Mommy?"


"Good, because Mommy loves you so much. Nighty night, Claire."

"Nigh nigh."


Anonymous said...

Girl friend, it is so touching. You should print it out and keep it until Claire has her own baby. What a beautiful bed time picture. Tears coming down...

LoveLladro said...

I am so in love. Thanks for sharing!